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Evh marshall mods

11.11.2020 Evh marshall mods

George Lynch previously owned modified Marshall.

evh marshall mods

Paul Gilbert previously owned Lee Jackson modified Marshall. I offer many different mods for Marshall amps from simple gain boosts to extra gain stages and effects loops. Tubes swaps EL34,6L6, KT66, KT88re-voicing, restoring, master volumes, effects loops, preamp outs, half power mods, or basic maintenance. You name it, I do it. Email me with what your looking for and we can discuss all the options available.

Standard mods My standard mods are my bottom line price to get inside that particular model amp and make circuit changes. While I do have a mod in mind based on customer feedback on that model, my mods are all adjusted to fit your needs and change the amp in the ways you need it changed.

Ultimate Plexi mod Tweaks the amp circuit to be truer to the vintage plexi tones. Cleans up very well with guitar volume. This mod will get into modern rock gain levels too. No added gain stage. Nick mod — Aldrich type mod My version of the Aldrich mod type tones mod. Cleans up well with guitar volume. No extra tube. SS Mod Added tube gain stage for brutal metal tones. Modern metal and modern rock type voicing for deep, thick, thundering tones.

This mod can cover a lot of ground tone wise. Added tube gain stage.

Sykes, 1987's and Jose Mods

Added gain stage and effects loop with channel switching for added clean channel. Output transformer upgrade The newer Marshall reissues tend to have a harsh, edgy high end giving the amps a very bright tone.

These amps benefit greatly by upgrading the output transformer. The new OT gives the amp a warmer, more organic vintage tone with a creamy high end that sings.

As part of the mod I modify the speaker output design flaw which causes output transformer failure. Gain levels can be increased to metal type tones or lowered for more classic tones. Voicing can be thickened up for a more modern rock tone. Output transformer upgrade The newer Marshall amps tend to have a harsh, edgy high end giving the amps a very bright tone. This mod addresses the added noise when using the loop at low volumes and adds transparancy.

This mod allows foot switching between the clean and crunch modes of the green channel. My standard Vintage Modern mod gives the amp a meatier tone with strong crunchy mids that cut thru. I offer several options for gain levels and voicing. The Detail channel is the bright channel and the Body channel is your normal channel and you mix them to get your overall tone.

Mod Your EVH 5150 III Micro Stack for $15

My two channel mod offers this. I modify each channel so they bost have a good mix of Plexi tones. The Body channel works the same and becomes the low range channel. The Detail becomes the high range channel and I add a master volume to this channel.

This mod involves drilling a new hole in the front of the amp pics above. X-treme metal mod This mod combines the two channel mod with adding an extra gain stage for over the top gain levels on the high range channel.

I can add a foot switchable solo boost to the VM. This mod involves drilling a new hole in the front of the amp and one on the back for the foot switch.Discussion in ' Other Amps ' started by twothemaxFeb 17, Log in or Sign up. Marshall Amp Forum.

Joined: Oct 31, Messages: 1, Likes Received: I would try to resist modding, and try other things first. I think mods on amps are really a hit or miss, many times yielding unexpected and unwanted results or compromises. Other things to try, for example there is a pedal that is kind of a gain reduction pedal that you could turn on when using that channel Joined: Jan 27, Messages: 3, Likes Received: 1, Do you mean lower the actual gain or lower the distortion levels?

How does GAIN control work or does not work for you? Try a 12AT7 or 12AY7 the affects that channel. NewReligionFeb 18, Turn the gain down to around o'clock. StringjunkieFeb 18, I think you should do the tube swap. It'll be less hassle than mods. Just read up on the tube placement and see which tubes do which. Also, the mids will sound different SpeeddemonFeb 20, Dropping any of the plate resistors will reduce gain.

evh marshall mods

Reducing load resistors will drop gain also.Each amplifier is modified on an individual basis to obtain the best results, with the client's specific tastes also in mind. A great deal of time listening and working on the circuit until the sound and response is stellar. It is a combination of a "mod", and a "re-work" to get the most out of that amp. This does not involve adding any extra tubes, or drilling any more holes in the chassis there are options available where that would be required. What it does involve is changing the value and composition of a large number of components across the board to compliment that particular amplifier, and spending the time it requires to really get it right.

Once I receive your amp, we'll talk on the phone or email is fine about what your looking for from your amp, your playing styles, as well as your guitars, speaker cabs, etc. After the work is complete, I will make you a soundclip of your amp to listen to, in case you need me to make any further adjustments before returning your amp to you. I designed this simply to satisfy myself. I've spent years altering the basic plexi circuit, and changing values and component composition throughout until I heard what I consider to be the perfect plexi tone.

What I was going for was a basic design that was extremely dynamic and not too compressed, allowing my own style, or someone elses to shine thru. The gain was somewhat increased, along with a more musical and earthy EQ. The amp had to clean up well just by using the volume control on the guitar, as well. I have listened to many great players thru this amp design, and they all sound radically different. I find that this type of sound exhibits a player's style and personal tone, rather than masking it.

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It is by no means a "magic box", but if you are someone who has tone in their hands, you will love what it does. This is everything that a Mod I is, with an added PLUS feature that adds a nice chunk of musical gain when you want it, making it extremely flexible. Many players have asked for a higher gain option on the Mod I with no compromise at all to the original, and this is it.

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Hear it on the soundclips page. These are becoming increasingly popular. More dynamic than a stock JTM45 with it's overly deep low end, but with an attack that is slightly more rounded than a watt x model. Works on the Bluesbreaker model, too.

Designed specifically for the Marshall x watt head, this gives the amp the ability for higher gain sounds while keeping the organic nature of the amp intact.

Jose Arredondo Mod / EVH amp

Plugging into the left channel yields a hair more gain than stock, as well as a more ear-friendly EQ. Plugging your guitar into the right channel, the gain is greatly boosted, giving you the ability to really make those EL84s sing. In this mode, the tone pot of the right channel functions as a bass control, while the left side tone pot functions as a treble control, for expanded flexibility.

This design steps a little further into modded Marshall territory and has excellent dynamics and clarity, even with the added sustain. Please check out the soundclips page to hear it. This is an even hotter gain style. The amp still retains the plexi-style inputs where two channels are offered side by side The tone controls become more active, as well. Can also be engaged with the included footswitch, that plugs into one of the front input jacks on the four-holers.

A customized post-phase inverter master is included on the rear. These are really fun amps. Excellent compression and clean-up characteristics, thanks to the use of a tube recifier. Available with the master volume, though some go without it, since they are only rated at 30 watts. Basically a combo-version of the JTM Discussion in ' Marshall Amps ' started by willwallnerJun 5, Log in or Sign up.

Marshall Amp Forum. ReiGnMaNApr 12, Rokinroller likes this. Joined: Dec 28, Messages: Likes Received: We have worked on and serviced many different amps Jose Modded.

He had several Mods and some had more gain than others as well as more control features. He did not always use diode clipping but that was used in one of his higher gain Mods. The 3-way Mod does not include or employ diode clipping IE: all tube circuitry. There were three 3 input jacks allowing the player to use varying amounts of gain depending on what the player was looking for.

The same core circuit was also done for Mick Mars we worked on the Dr Feelgood amp. The amp presently resides with Richard Fortus of GnR. You can dial in very mild overdriven tones as well as higher gain tones, very flexible circuit and lots of fun to play on very smooth and easy to play on. Mick's amp had a transformer isolated slave output, the same that was done for Eddie. This was to slave one amp into another. Some other techs got onto using this but instead used a resistive network, which sounds and feels very different by direct comparison.

Have a great day guys! Voodoo AmpsApr 12, Dannyz and NewReligion like this. Joined: Oct 24, Messages: Likes Received: Trying to locate AL for over 15 years now.

Anybody else know this dude? Please forward info if so. He's a killer amp tech etc LibertyMachineApr 18, Alabama ThunderpussyApr 18, Yeah, def looks like I'll have to find a new tech Al apprenticed with Jose and dialed this amp in perfectly. I figured that he might even click around these AMP forums from time to time.

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I read somewhere that the caps tend to start leaking after 10 years and since I'm about ready for a retube, thought I'd have it checked top to bottom by a tech that was familiar with this type of mod. NewReligion likes this. Sounds like you might be a good tech yourself I'm not really concerned about anybody copying this mod etc Joined: Oct 8, Messages: 1, Likes Received: Libertymachine I did get your pm,Thanks,it would be nice to try and find Al.Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page.

Nov 30, 1. Messages: Hello all, I have a question. Anyone know what the monster gain Jose mod is? Reverend VoodooNov 30, Nov 30, 2. Messages: 2, Rock FellaNov 30, Nov 30, 3. No stomp boxes, just guitar amp and fingers. Nov 30, 4. Nov 30, 5. Nov 30, 6. I know a guy who used to have the head that Sykes used for the Whitesnake album.

I can't remember who modded it? I think the guy might still own it. I'll give him a call and see what I can find out. Nov 30, 7. Messages: 1, SFWNov 30, Nov 30, 8. These amps have a Mark III pre-amp section but use six 6L6 power tubes--giving the amps watts each!

For speaker cabinets, John uses Marshall 4x12 cabinets, Mesa Boogie metal grill "Half Back" 4x12 cabinets, Mesa Boogie 4x12 Recto cabinets and some custom made 4x12 cabinets. Nov 30, 9. Nov 30, I am aiming for Sykes' current tone. His Website states:. When it comes to modded Marshalls, John's normal reaction is to strum a G chord and walk away. Evidently John was sitting on the Cameron head for over an hour.Log in or Sign up. The Gear Page. Mod or Wait? Dec 20, 1. Messages: I have an old 50 watt 6L6 version and just love the amp for the Blue Channel.

Three questions: 1. Has anyone here purchased the new EL34 50 watt and compared it to your old 6l6 version? Anyone successful with the Voodoo mod for DC knobs on the 6L6?

evh marshall mods

Any hints of a new 50 watt 6L6 version for ? Bonus Question if Howard Kaplan reads this Any factory authorized retrofit possibly coming out? IronHorseDec 20, LCW likes this. Dec 20, 2. Messages: 23, NAMM will tell I guess. BlixDec 20, Dec 20, 3. Not really using it for gigging or rehearsal right now, so I have time to wait it out. Mod kit would ROCK. Dec 23, 4.

HoustonJrDec 23, Dec 23, 5.

evh marshall mods

I would love if they made the amp how I would like it. Just the green and blue channels I never use the red. Two independent channels,eq for both. Power cut for 25 Watts, I could use mine for way more shows, 50 is just too much for some smaller clubs.

And a smaller two button foot switch like an fx pedal enclosure that fits on the pedal board nice. See what it looks like I guess. Last edited: Dec 23, Jerry G and LCW like this. Dec 23, 6. Messages: 1, It sucks that they have to backtrack at all. I mean, they should have just originally designed the amp with the secondary volume knob for the blue channel, and made it so you could use 6L6 OR EL34, none of this one or the other crap.With shred pioneers such as Eddie Van Halen pushing amps to the brink in the late 70s, Paul Rivera began hot-rodding Marshall heads to squeeze ever more from them.

Here, this now-revered amp maker recalls how he sought to make the "ultimate Marshall". Paul Rivera's career started in New York, but took off when he relocated to California in the early s, working from a shop located over Valley Arts Guitars in North Hollywood on the edge of Studio City.

While most of us in the UK remember him for his association with Fender, Rivera's custom work on Marshall amps and pedalboards is just as significant.

We meet Paul for a rare interview in which he explains how he got into modifying amps and gives us a unique Californian perspective on the Marshall sound. I didn't realise it back then, but it was a golden era for the guitar and guitar players. PR: "Well, having gotten established at Valley Arts, pretty soon it seemed that if you showed up to a session and you didn't have a Princeton or a Deluxe or a Marshall modified by Paul Rivera, you didn't have the latest thing.

Nobody knew about buffer stages and that stuff. Jay Graydon was technically very articulate. He'd play me a note on his and say, 'You hear how it goes skinny up there?

Can you put more body on that, and maybe do something to mask the fret noise? PR: "To get some of the high-gain dual channel stuff, sometimes you'd wind up with six or seven tubes in a preamp that started with two, and if you didn't pay any attention to the power supply, reliability would suffer.

So yes, at the extreme I would be replacing power supplies, adding regulated DC heater supplies and so on. The lacing on the wires and the solder joints was just a delight to see. I don't think I ever made a hand-wired amp as pretty as a Hiwatt, but I always tried to make it as bulletproof.

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On some amps there's a collision of different things that add up to a particular tone and response that's almost voodoo. Back then, if a session guy's amp went down halfway through a date, he would sacrifice his money and probably wouldn't get called the next time.

PR: "A lot. Loudspeakers are the ultimate mechanical filter. For guys who were going out on the road and needed the ultimate in reliability, we often used the Electro-Voice EVM12L, because if you have a watt amp running into a watt loudspeaker you know you aren't going to have a problem.


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